Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today's meeting with Dr. Dave

We had our first appointment with Dr. Dave in a few months. A lot of summer travel had intruded.

In truth, we were feeling somewhat downcast coming into the meeting. Secondo has become REALLY stubborn lately and it has had Keen and I at the ends of our respective ropes. Kindergarten seemed to be going well, but it's a bit of a black box. The boys get on the bus at 7 a.m. and we pick them up from aftercare sometime after 5. So, we've had none of the direct interaction to which we were accustomed during preschool. Some issues that we thought were resolved had cropped back up. I'd also solo'd for several weeks with the guys which wiped me out.

Dr. Dave spent over half the meeting talk with the guys. I think it's the first time that his interactions with them have taken center stage. I'm amazed that he got Primo to name most of his classmates. I've been so short on time, I tend to give up. Turns out he knew his entire class. Next up was Secondo. He was pretty stubborn about answering questions

So, then we had a chance to chat a bit. There are still some mild delays. (Mild? Woo hoo!!!) Primo tends to perseverate, Secondo still has some echolalia. Secondo is really, sorry, REALLY stubborn, but that's a personality trait rather than a symptom. So, it seems that for the most part we have a couple of guys who are mostly on track. I bought some nice wine to celebrate.

That's not to say they're typical. By no means. But, hey, it's been a month of kindergarten and I've yet to be called to the principal's office.



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