Monday, April 25, 2011

Wings to Die For

A short one, but worth it. Try the rooster wings at Eat Bar in Arlington, VA. The name is a reference to Sriracha sauce, which has a rooster printed on the bottle. The sauce is good, but even better is that the wings are perfectly done.

I ran across the sauce by accident before hearing it was the chefs' sauce de rigeur. I popped by a place to pike up a few Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) and saw a bottle of hot sauce. I figured it'd be good and later foud out about Sriracha. I actually bought the chili-garlic sauce from the same company. I prefer it to Sriracha. It's a bit chunkier, but has that same chili goodness.

Anyway. Hit Eat Bar for Happy Hour. Great wines at half price and great beers at reduced price.

Better get back to work.


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